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Energy Comparator Code of Conduct

At Compare & Connect we are dedicated to providing you with practical advice and support, so that you can make the best, most informed decisions.

We are a proud member of Energy Comparator Code of Conduct (ECCC). The ECCC is a voluntary and self-enforceable code that we use to provide competitive prices on the many premium services available across the Australian market.

Originally, the ECCC was developed as a joint collaboration between commercial energy comparators, energy providers, government agencies, regulatory authorities and other related stakeholders. Its sole purpose was to bring the best utility suppliers together for enhanced consumer choice.

Today, it provides customers with assurance that the products and services on offer meet industry codes of quality conduct and best practice principles.

Why is Compare & Connect an ECCC Member?

As one of Australia’s largest connection and comparison platforms for utilities, Compare & Connect helps you make the right decisions about how you spend your money.

We understand the value of gaining a holistic understanding of the market and all competitors involved, before you invest your money. Ultimately, we are here to provide a single source of truth, and accurate information to help guide you through important decisions.

Our ECCC membership is just another way of assuring you customers of our ongoing commitment to meet your needs. It also allows you to trust us in making the big decisions that leaves you with peace of mind.

We believe that our customers deserve quality service and complete transparency when selecting from a list of products or services. Whether it is electricity, gas, telecommunications or Internet companies – we do the research for you.

How Does It Work?

At Compare & Connect we pride ourselves on our relationships – our relationships with our clients, and our strong connections with industry service providers.

Our end to end solutions can help you stay focused on what you specifically need. Start with our interactive guide, which only takes a few minutes to complete. Through this, we gain an insight into your needs and living circumstances.

We understand that everyone is different, which means we want to tailor our approach towards the challenges and opportunities in your area or living environment.

Our ECCC guarantee assures you that our choices are legitimate, safe and trustworthy.