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About Us

Compare & Connect is one of Australia’s leading Utility Connection and Comparison platforms. What does that mean? We’re a one stop shop to help you make better informed decisions about a range of different services – including gas and electricity plans, telecommunication services including Broadband and moving services.

Our strong relationships with service providers allow us to offer valuable advice on the great deals and products available on the market. Together, we deliver premium options for you.

Founded in 2014, we are especially proud to offer our customers 100 per cent Australian services. This means you are supporting the local economy while choosing the best fitted service for your needs.

Our process is simple – Compare & Connect provides clients with end to end solutions to compare and connect many services across a suite of categories. Our services are free, quick and easy!

  • Simply apply online
  • Choose the provider and plan that best suits you
  • Fill in some personal information
  • Check the terms and conditions
  • Enjoy your new product or service.

As a young organization, we are also flexible and highly adaptive to new environments. We listen to your needs while focusing on existing and emerging trends and opportunities. Our agile approach means we don’t shy away from the big areas and challenges in the energy sector or helping you to find more sustainable ways of living.

We know all about the importance of selecting socially responsible organizations, which is why we choose from the best of the best!

To assure you of our expert services, we are also a proud member of the Energy Comparator Code of Conduct (ECCC). This voluntary membership shows our firm commitment to meet your needs by offering services in a fair and accurate manner. You can trust us to make quality decisions that grant you with peace of mind.

Our Team

Our expert management team collectively has over 100 year’s experience in utility comparison and connection services.

Our specialty areas include:

  • Energy comparison and connection
  • Broadband comparison and connection
  • Fuel Card
  • Contact Centre services

Our team can help you make better informed choices.